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Saving Time with F# Type Providers

One of the ongoing projects my team has been working on at the office is an effort to get A records created for all of the databases on our internal servers to make maintenance easier. Once every DB has a

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Stupid Markup Tricks

A coworker asked me to look over a proof of concept project he’d been working on the other day and, after telling him my thoughts, I added “of course it needs more blink tags and marquees” because it’s impossible for

SQL Server IIF: Syntactic Sugar that Doesn’t Rot Your Brain

It wasn’t until recently that I discovered a feature that I’ve missed since SQL Server 2012.  One of my recent projects involved converting a lot of old Visual FoxPro code.  That’s not quite as much fun as it sounds, as it turns out.

Named Values: The Discriminated Union Example that I Rarely if Ever See

Two things really attracted me to F# originally: type providers and discriminated unions. As I started working with the language I scoured the Web for all of the content I could find.  It wasn’t quite as plentiful as it is now


There hasn’t been a great deal of routine from year to year throughout my career.  Microsoft has moved from VB6 to progressively more advanced incarnations of the .NET framework and versions of SQL Server have added Intellisense and more features than I

The System I Don’t Love, Exactly

There’s a particular piece of enterprise software that we use at the office of which I am none too fond.  As a member of a small technical team, there are a number of things I find myself doing that don’t