I’m a developer who works primarily with Microsoft technologies but enjoys adding to an ever-increasing list of exceptions to that rule.  I decided that I loved programming around the time I was typing in games from issues of ANALOG magazine on an Atari 800 and pair programming LOGO on an Apple II.  While much of my recent work is in C# I’ve become increasingly interested in functional programming and find that I’m writing more and more F#.  I’m currently writing code for the healthcare field and have worked in a variety of other areas including human resources, insurance, various nonprofit areas, political campaigns, and marketing.

Outside of the office I’m a godfather and foster parent, gamer and movie enthusiast, husband and cat caretaker.  I stay as involved as possible in the Chattanooga developer community and do an occasional community theatre show whenever the opportunity presents itself.  I occasionally blog about kids and other things unrelated to development over at Balancing Life’s Lemons.